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Vanity Mirrors – Gift Ideas for that Special Girl

Vanity Mirrors – Gift Ideas for that Special Girl
September 8, 2016 DecorWorks
In Bathroom, Gift Ideas, Staff Picks

Do you have a female friend or relative who seems to have everything they need? Whether it’s your girlfriend, wif, niece or close friend, which girl wouldn’t love or need a good mirror for the bathroom or their dresser? They can make a beautiful and practical addition to any room and will be used on a daily basis. Here are some of our top picks:

Vanity Mirror with Lights

Nothing is more dramatic than a vanity mirror with lights. Help your special someone get ready for work or a good night out with the girls. Lights can be located on the sides, around the entire mirror, on top or on the bottom. Owning one will help your favourite girl apply make-up evenly and flawlessly.

Bathroom Vanity Mirror

Help keep the the person you care about organised with a bathroom vanity mirror.  This is definitely a gift for someone you live with like a girlfriend, wife, and don’t forget about mom! The cabinets at the bottom of the sink can be used to keep toiletries, extra towels or cleaning supplies. The mirror mounted on the wall above will help them get ready. While practical, this gift can really make a huge impact on the look of the bathroom.  And in fact, no bathroom is really complete without one.

• Hollywood Vanity Mirror

Give the gift of luxury with a Hollywood vanity mirror. With light bulbs surrounding the mirror the recipient of this present will feel like a Hollywood celebrity every time they look in the mirror. One of these will also give your special someone a separate and special area to get ready or to pamper herself.

• Tri-fold Vanity Mirror

With mirrors that can reflect from three angles, the tri-fold mirror is a great choice for budding teenagers. The adjustable mirrors on the side are excellent especially when it comes to doing hair and make-up. Many models have built-in drawers for storing make-up, brushes, hair brushes, hair dryer and other beauty supplies.

• Plastic Vanity Mirrors

A great option for little girls who love to play dress-up are kid sized plastic vanity mirrors. There are varieties that come in princess themes to let your little wonder imagine how it feels to be royalty. These plastic versions come with minimum assembly and are made of sturdy plastic, perfect for playing games or play dates or even child proof for the little ones.

Flip-top Vanity Mirror

For college girls the flip-top vanity mirror is a great addition to any dorm room. Flip the mirror down and it can double as a study table, perfect for those tiny rooms. Flip it up again and it can be a special area for putting on make-up or getting ready for a date. The area below the mirror can hold cosmetics and even small hair dryers. It is the perfect solution to get organised and mange small spaces in dorm rooms.

If you’re looking for a gift that not only will be much appreciated and used all the time, nothing beats a vanity mirror. With options for small spaces, bathrooms, kids, lovers of the old Hollywood glam style , you are spoiled for choice! So why not surprise that special someone this weekend?

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