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Types of Recycled Wood – Menu

There are 3 main types of recycled or reclaimed wood available to choose from in a variety of shades from light, medium to dark tones.

These wood samples are only for reference, and selections made will be matched as close as possible but may vary from the final product due to the nature and availability of the recycled wood used. The recycled wood is also preserved with its natural characteristics e.g grinds, small cracks, markings etc. which adds uniqueness to each final design.

The type of finishings we like are natural and somewhat raw, in order to preserve the whole point of making the furniture with recycled wood. Nonetheless, if you want a more glossy finish or to weather proof any items for the outdoors, these choices are available.

We will be updating our wood menu very soon with popular colour swatches and decorative craved surfaces.

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