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Paying attention to Kitchen Handles

Paying attention to Kitchen Handles
January 7, 2015 DecorWorks
In DIY, Renovations, Tips

Whether you realise or not, the kitchen is an important part of your home. It’s where you get a snack, prepare meals, cook for a dinner party, or even do the laundry.

Space management is the most important factor in remodelling your kitchen, space is the most crucial factor. Small or large, every type of space in the kitchen should be utilised especially in space constraints of Hong Kong apartments. With proper planning, you would be surprised at how much more storage you can pack into extra kitchen cabinets and stacked up from the floorspace.

Even the interior of cabinets can be organised in a proper way to hide all those kitchen equipment you don’t use everyday. Yes whatever your partner or spouse says, they won’t use every single item, every day right? So store it away to keep the kitchen neat and clean. Kitchen equipments, if let out in haphazard and untidy condition can make the kitchen look dirty. When was the last time you took your finger tip and swiped across your kitchen counter or cabinets?

Another important thing is to decide on the look of the doors, windows, cabinets and drawers. Their look can be no doubt, made better by proper selection of kitchen handles, cabinet and drawer handles. These handles come in a large variety of designs and materials. Normally, the trick is to mix and match dark kitchen cabinets with light coloured marble or granite tops, but in Hong Kong when the kitchen can be an open plan or a very small part of your floor plan, it’s always best to choose light colours.

When you’re shopping for the look of your cabinets, don’t forget to ask for samples, they are FREE! Stick them closer to your existing cabinet and step back to take a look. Make sure you try to picture that colour and material in your existing space.

Kitchen handles, cabinet handles , drawer handles are made up of metals, wood as well as plastic. They, like spices, add a flavour to the kitchen. They can change the entire look of the kitchen giving it a classical, modern or traditional makeover. Gone are the days when simple handles and knobs were enough to do the job and no attention was on the look. So take the time to choose the right kitchen cabinets. You can even choose metal based handles for the kitchen. This way, they can be used in the bedrooms and bathrooms, to keep the same theme for the entire home.

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