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Checklist: Must-Haves for the Living Room

Checklist: Must-Haves for the Living Room
November 7, 2017 DecorWorks
In Decorative

Your living room is the ultimate space to experiment with ideas. Everyone likes new things in their home, but not everyone can afford designer furniture, so here are some handy tips for your living room. 

These are the essentials for creating the perfect space for your living room:

Some Green

Honestly, nothing beats indoor plants in the living room, and this is also one of the safest ideas for any decor theme. All you need are plants that are easy to maintain, and you can add a lot of charm and nature into the home. Indoor plants come in a variety of options for everyone, for a splash of colours, or to add contrast to wooden furniture or floorings in single tones.

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Personal Items

Your living room isn’t complete without some personal touch. The whole point of custom homes and designer looks is to have a few personal items in every space that make you happy, and that’s something you should focus for the living room. From your collection of souvenirs to collages and art painting, there’s a lot you can use. Try to keep the items in sync with each other, so that you can create a theme. You may add a few brighter elements to bring the right accents and mix of colours, especially around summer time.

Incredible Furnishings

From large and bold drapes to matching cushions and upholstery, there is a lot of colour and texture that can be brought into the living room. Invest in a set of matching drapes and curtains, so that you can go for a synced look in every season. Summers can have brighter palettes like green, yellow, blue and orange, while fall shades are often muted and comprise of dark tones. What’s great about furnishings is the amazing choice of trying something new every month, just by making small changes and not having to spend a fortune.


Decor Accessories

Accessories for the living room can be practical, functional, or just beautiful with sentimental memories for the owners. Some people like to invest in variety of lamps and lighting solutions, while others have a thing for frames, candles and smaller displays. It really depends on personal taste, but if you are keen on creating an uniform look, it is best to buy things with a theme or colour scheme in mind.

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