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About DecorWorks

Hello, We are DecorWorks.
Established 2012 – Hong Kong.


DECORWORKS is an artisan workshop, specialising in recycled wood home decor. Shop for recycled wood furniture from our collections, or you can design your own unique, made-to-order pieces just the way you like it to fit your home. We take online orders only.

In addition, we offer design assistant plans, events/exhibition booth design, organiser services, personalised gifts and custom designer furniture.


Refurnishing, recycling, reclaiming beautiful wood resources one furniture at a time. We love to decorate and it shows in every hand-made piece in our entire collection.  Building the business to be Hong Kong’s first eco-friendly home grown decor design brand, we pride ourselves in ensuring that our items not only look good in your home but is good for the environment and its life cycle accompanies you for a lifetime. 

How We Started

Are you tired of shopping for furniture that never fits and what about carrying your measuring tape in your bag all the time when you need to shop for your home? We were. After living and moving houses countless times in Hong Kong, imagine how much money you lose each time from paying movers, to having to leave behind furniture that don’t fit anymore.

Over the years, our skills in ‘making the best of limited space’ grew and one by one, our friends started to love our ideas on how to make their own living spaces more liveable.

Our Inspiration

Soon, we started to design furniture to solve space issues that gradually led to the establishment of DecorWorks Asia. But not just any type of furniture, it has to be sustainable. The furniture should be custom made to fit especially odd, small spaces of Hong Kong homes.

We are inspired by our love of the ocean, thereby always trying to incorporate beach culture into our love of the great outdoors, finally bringing about the combination of ocean inspired motifs and materials with sustainable recycled wood as the core design of our brand.

Featured in PERSPECTIVE December 2017 Issue

Our Walter side table made the cut on an eco-brand feature for top architecture and design magazine in Hong Kong @PerspectiveGlobal

To find out more about Perspective Global, please visit http://www.perspectiveglobal.com or on FB here

Featured in REVISTA DECOR’s November 2016 issue

Our design (#10) gets international recognition in November’s edition of Brazil’s top decor magazine @RevistaDecor

To find out more about Revista Decor, please visit http://www.revistadecor.com.br or on FB here

DecorWorks was ECOZINE’s

DECORWORKS is so proud to have been handpicked and featured in ECOZINE magazine’s top pick for summer outdoor furniture amongst top designer brands. Thank you ECOZINE!

To find out more about ECOZINE magazine, your go-to guide for smart living, please visit http://www.ecozine.com

DecorWorks was METROPOP’s

DECORWORKS is so proud to have been featured in Metropop Magazine (May Issue) as their top pick for storage furniture ideas amongst top local brands. Thank you Metropop!


Shop online from our collections with secure payment via PayPal or Direct Bank Transfer. No PayPal account is required to complete online credit card payments.


Work from scratch with a design or two in-mind by talking to our designers and get a blueprint drawn up (which looks like this), then we’ll go into production.


Small decor accessories and selected jewellery collection will be mailed to your postal address and you can track your order via your online account, or you can pick up at your nearest 7-Eleven store.

Hong Kong’s Homegrown Recycled Wood Design and Made-To-Order Decor Brand.


Shop from our online collections. All online items can be further customised to fit your own unique space.

Just let us know your design and measurements and we’ll do the rest. Design and order direct from our artisan workshop. Chat with us about your needs today!

Payments can be made via Direct Bank Transfer or PayPal, so if this payment is selected, you will be redirected to the PayPal site to process payment. No PayPal account is needed to complete online credit card payments. Online orders include normal shipping and delivery costs.



Made-To-Order Service

Whether you live in a small flat or big house in Hong Kong, our made-to-order service is your one-stop shop to get your furniture to fit your home and not the other way round.


Recycled Wood

Our artisans collect old wood (door panels/ wardrobes/ boats etc) and beautifully restore the natural wood materials, making the process environmentally friendly and cost-efficient.


Conserving Resources

All ready-made designs from our website or customised items are made once an order is placed, to conserve resources and our stance on being an eco-brand, we do not store furniture in our workshop because we believe in sustainable management.


Hand-made Process

All ‘ready-made’ designs and custom designs go through the same handmade process as we do NOT have any items stocked up in our workshop. This process can take up to 10-25 days to design, build and deliver to you.


Making History

Build furniture for your space, don’t waste time fitting your home to the furniture! All the pieces are crafted by hand, so please don’t expect factory speed and cookie-cutter precision.



It’s a lot more work to produce our collections in the workshop and your support helps us keep this process because hey, we are not a large factory outlet that mass produces everything.

“We really encourage everyone to rethink what they throw away because refurnishing old items can transform it back into something new or completely different. Old can be so beautiful.”

Sophie Tang
Design Director & Co-Founder

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