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NEW Design Assistant Services

With everyone leading such busy lives these days, wouldn’t it be great to have design assistants helping you out with the nitty, gritty details that take up so much time? Now you can get a design assistant to help you on minor to major design tasks, and get on track with your renovation or design plans. There are 3 simple plans to choose from, and you can cancel at any time. Design assistant tasks are tracked with a user-friendly airtable calendar. See all plans here  

2018 Bespoke Design Service Changes

From 1 Jan, we are shifting our service focus from the ecommerce store to a more comprehensive approach to bespoke design and making this a one-stop interior design and organisation service. What this means is, we will be ending individual furniture store purchases and be focusing our energy on your projects to deliver end-to-end design services for home projects, specialised exhibition booth designs. Some furniture items will continue to be available on our online store, as well as accessories, small furniture items and our jewellery line. For more details, please contact hi@decorworksasia.com  

Home or Office Organisation Service

Check out this new service! We come in and help you get organised whether it’s your home or office. For more details, please click here or email to hi@decorworksasia.com

Handwritten Cards & Plants

When was the last time you sent someone special a handwritten card or letter? Worried about messy or bad handwriting? Well, we’ve got you covered with a range of succulent plants and personalised handwritten card gift packages to choose from. See All >

Personalised Plant Potters

Have you always wanted to personalise your gifts but just don’t have the time? We can do it for you. Design it, email us and we’ll paint your design for you. Prices depend on complexity of design, so email us at designme@decorworksasia.com to get a quote today.  

Corporate Gift Ideas & Packages

Run out of ideas what to get for your office? Talk to us about our corporate gift ideas and packages, starting with our Magic Bean Gift boxes. The magic beans have inspirational words written on every bean so they can a surprise as the plant grows. Every set comes with a wooden pot recycled from warehouse crate boxes. Add your company logo, design the wrapping and customize the inspirational words on the creativity seeds. Your co-workers will love watching the gift grow every day!

Exhibitions & Events: Branding, Design, Execution packages

Everything you need from pre-planning, design to execution – our exhibitions team can deliver for you. Choose from set packages or we can customise a design package for all your exhibitions, events and trade show needs. We design and build the exhibition booths, prepare and print promotional materials, right down to product packaging design you need to brand for your company or a specific event, more details here


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